Aquarius sun Taurus moon – Compatibility for men

If you have been experiencing really bad luck in the ambit of dating recently and none of the advice you’ve received so far has actually worked out, you need to read this article. When we repeatedly fail to establish successful, long-term romantic relationships, we start blaming ourselves. We start telling ourselves that since it keeps happening to us over and over again, the fault must reside within us.

Now, while it is a good practice (in moderation) to scrutinize oneself and find any flaws in one’s personality that might be wrecking our relationships with others, it is important also to understand that it’s not necessary for there to be anyone to blame each time a relationship fails.

Sometimes, unseen forces that are well beyond our control are at play as well. At least, this is what those who believe in astrology argue – According to them, one key determinant of the compatibility between two people is the question of whether or not their sun and moon zodiac signs are complementary to each other.

This is exactly what we’re going to discuss today. Specifically, we will look at which sort of partners are most compatible with men born with Aquarius sun and Taurus moon zodiac signs.

Star Signs and Moon Signs

This section will briefly discuss what sun (star) signs and moon signs are so that we’re all on the same page when we begin our discussion regarding compatibility. Sun zodiac signs are also known as “Star signs.” Your star sign is determined by the sun’s position along the zodiac at the time of your birth. There are 12 zodiac signs in total, and the sun moves in cycles between them annually. Each zodiac period lasts about a month, and those born within that month acquire the respective zodiac sign.

Star Signs are important to this discussion because they are (as astrologers believe) the key determinants of a person’s outward personality traits – defined as the traits we show in the presence of other people (whatever our relationship with them might be). Star signs determine how we talk to our family members, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and peers and how we treat strangers. Naturally, they become relevant to us because they will also determine how we act in front of our partners.

Moon signs are considered to be less dominant than star signs. Like star signs, your moon sign is determined by the moon’s position along the zodiac at the time of your birth, although, unlike the sun, the moon moves along the zodiac in much quicker cycles (2.5 days). Moon signs are believed to be the key determinants of people’s inward personality traits – the kind of person they are when no one is around when they are their truest selves.

Personality traits – Aquarius sun Taurus moon

The goodThe bad
Individuals of the zodiac mentioned above are known to be some of the most resilient and independent people you will ever come across; If they believe in a cause, they will dedicate their entire lives to serving to the best of their abilities. This makes them really powerful elements of change, especially in societies that need those who can bring change.   Additionally, these people are known to be extremely self-aware. They know their strengths and their weaknesses, so they know when to take the lead, and they know when they need to delegate tasks to others – this element of their personalities is beneficial for any environment that requires teamwork.The shortcomings of these people lie in the fact that they tend to be extremely private, often so much that it becomes nearly impossible to get close to them. The people of ASTM zodiac signs prefer to keep their secrets pretty close to the chest because they are suspicious and distrustful of others (to a degree greater than what would be reasonable). This can result in them ending up with only a handful of friends in their circles.

Compatibility of men with Aquarius Sun & Taurus Moon Zodiac Signs

So far, our discussion about ASTM zodiac signs has considered everyone who was born with this sign combination. From here onwards, we will specifically talk about how this zodiac combination shapes the compatibility requirements of men who were born with this sign combination. Our discussion will touch upon three levels of social relationships, namely:

  • Relationships in general
  • Romantic relationships (love), and
  • Friendships

In Relationships (General)

In general, ASTM (Aquarius sun, Taurus moon) men prefer and get along with those who are courageous, ambitious, kind, and extremely trustworthy. Any person who they suspect is not trustworthy will never grow close to an ATSM man since they are already very suspicious of others. Additionally, it is very important for an ATSM man to feel respected by his peers. So, people who are in a constant habit of breaching this respect will often get kicked out of an ATSM man’s social circle.

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In love

As we mentioned earlier, men whose zodiac combinations are Aquarius sun and Taurus moon are extremely independent and private. This often causes a lot of problems for them in their romantic relationships because it makes it very difficult for their partners to find them vulnerable and to be there for them in their time of need. So, the people who end up being the most appropriate matches for these men are those who are extremely trustworthy, vulnerable on the part of both partners, and those who are relatively self-sufficient – insecure partners would have a very hard time maintaining relationships with ASTM men.

In Friendships

ATSM men are strong on their principles. If it comes to choosing between siding with a friend and upholding their moral values, they will not hesitate to pick their morals. This boldness does not mean they are heartless – in fact, ATSM men sometimes prove to be some of the most loyal friends one can find, but their friends have first to prove themselves to be highly trustworthy and reliable as well well in line with the morals of ATSM men.

Final Comments

Before you head back into the arena of dating (or other social relationships), it is important that you properly understand just how much heed you should pay to zodiac compatibilities; you wouldn’t want to shoo good potential partners away just because your zodiac signs don’t match.

Zodiac compatibilities are a great way to make relatively safer bets, but they do not offer an absolute guarantee of compatibility. This means that things do hold the potential of working out with someone whose zodiac sign does not complement yours, and things hold the potential of falling apart with someone who is your perfect zodiac match. Complementary zodiac signs greatly increase the likely hood of things working out, but they are only one of the several elements in the equation of compatibility. So, you should never make the mistake of thinking you’re free from the hard work that all relationships (especially romantic ones) require.