Aquarius Sun & Pisces Moon | Compatibility in Love & Friendships

What do you think makes two people “right” for each other? Do two people become compatible with one another when they have common interests? Similar values? Similar beliefs? Or simply because they are accepting of each other?

If it’s any of these things, why do we see so many relationships fall apart around us? – especially the ones that contain all of the elements above. Well, we think we know the answer – and that’s what we want to share with you today.

You see, so many seemingly perfect couples and friends eventually fall out and break up because most people don’t take zodiac sign compatibilities into account while assessing each other’s needs. Having common hobbies, values, beliefs, interests, and respect for each other’s differences are all essential elements in the equation of compatibility, but they don’t give us the complete picture.

There are unseen forces at play that constantly act to forward the universe’s grand plan. Naturally, these forces interfere and determine who we get along with and who we don’t. People that dismiss this as superstition spend their lives scratching their heads, trying to figure out why their relationships keep falling apart. Therefore, it is important for all of us to learn about how these forces work to cultivate successful relationships in our lives.

Today, we will explore what sort of personalities are compatible with people whose zodiac signs are Aquarius in sun and Pisces in Moon.

Sun Signs & Moon Signs – What are they? Why should I Care?

Before we begin, though, let’s refresh our understanding of sun signs and moon signs. Sun signs (AKA star signs) are zodiac signs that are determined by the position of the sun on the zodiac at the time of an individual’s birth. There are 12-star signs in total, and the sun takes turns going around the zodiac, visiting each sign for about a month. Star signs are relevant to this discussion because they play a massive role in determining our outward personality – the personality that we exhibit in the presence of other people. Since this is a discussion about compatibility, it will be essential for us to know what outward personality traits we are predisposed to exhibit.

On the flip side, the moon sign of an individual is determined by the position of the moon on the zodiac. Although, the moon goes around the zodiac at much quicker cycles than the sun, typically 2.5 days. Whichever one of the twelve signs the moon is positioned on becomes your moon sign. So why are moon signs relevant to the discussion of compatibility? Well, this is because they determine our core personality traits – the personality traits that we exhibit while we are alone, i.e., while no one is present. During such times, we are our most authentic selves. So, in order to understand our own deeper needs, we need to know what our moon sign is.

Personality Traits of Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon Individuals

The GoodThe Bad
Aquarius sun and Pisces moon individuals are among the most fascinating and exciting people you will encounter. They are sensitive, kind, caring, adventurous, and insightful. If you ever have the opportunity to come across such an individual, do ask them about their life – they usually have the most exciting stories to tell.   Moreover, Aquarius sun and Pisces moon individuals are very hardworking and principle oriented – you can expect them to be fair and impartial during matters of conflict. These qualities help them gain people’s trust very quickly, which means that they are highly respected among their peers.  Aquarius sun, Pisces moon individuals are known to be too emotional at times. Often you will see them reacting strongly to the situations around them, meaning that they find it challenging to maintain their composure and regulate their emotions in situations that require them.   Aquarius sun and Pisces moon individuals have also been known to pity themselves a lot. They make themselves the victims in many situations, and they seem to enjoy the attention they receive because of it.

Compatibility of Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon Individuals

Now let’s see what kind of personalities are the most compatible with people who have Aquarius sun and Pisces moon as their zodiac combination.

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Relationships in General

Here, we will discuss what sort of people get along with Aquarius sun and Pisces moon individuals regardless of their position in their lives. As we mentioned earlier, Aquarius sun and Pisces moon individuals are pretty emotional and often find themselves unable to regulate their emotions. So, people who can stand their ground and remain firm in the face of adversities will complement them the best. Additionally, Aquarius sun and Pisces moon individuals appreciate words of affirmation. So, they often surround themselves with people who have no problem verbally expressing their affection to them.

Love or Romantic Relationships

These individuals are pretty adventurous and ambitious in life. The domestic life of 9 to 5 jobs and worrying about taxes isn’t for them. They want to stand out from the crowd and do accomplish things that few people dare to even dream about. So, when they seek out a partner for themselves, they look for someone who can match their energy and ambition, someone who will accompany them in their adventures in life instead of holding them back.

Moreover, Aquarius sun and Pisces moon people are pretty emotionally intelligent – they know how to be sensitive to their partners and help them out in matters where they need emotional support, but, at the same time, they need someone who can do the same for them. Someone who can take care of them when they need emotional support and tell them that everything is going to work out.


Aquarius sun, Pisces moon individuals seek out friends who are trustworthy and sincere. Oddly, though, they don’t keep friends around them who are reckless and adventurous. This is because they seek out energy that is the opposite of their own in friendships. While they themselves are risk-takers, they want friends who play it safe so that a good balance is struck in their lives.

Concluding Note

If Aquarius sun, Pisces moon person, hopefully, by now, you understand your needs better. Stop scratching your head trying to figure out what makes your relationships work out and what doesn’t, and start paying attention to how the forces of the universe work.