Aquarius Sun & Cancer Moon Compatibility

If you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure out why you’ve been failing to stop your relationship with others from falling apart, you’ve finally lucked out. We think we know exactly where you might be going wrong in your relationships, and we want to help.

The compatibility of two people is determined by more than just common interests and shared values – powerful, unseen forces of the universe are also continually at play here. Those who ignore these forces are left unable to figure out why they can’t seem to make their relationships with others work. Those who do pay attention to them are soon able to use these forces to their advantage and lead successful lives. The specific forces that we are talking about today are those that accompany your sun and moon zodiac signs.

Stick with us till the end of this article, and we will share everything we know about zodiac signs in terms of relationships and compatibility. If you’re an Aquarius sun and Cancer moon individual, you should read this piece to the end – this zodiac combination will be our main focus for today.

Sun Signs & Moon Signs – What are they? Why should I Care?

Before we begin, it would be helpful for us to refresh our concepts about sun and moon signs so that you know exactly how to find yours out and why you should care. Sun signs are also known as star signs; they are determined by the sun’s position along the zodiac at the time of your birth. The sun goes around the zodiac circle all year, visiting each star sign one by one as each month passes – this way, there are 12 zodiac sun signs that a person can possibly be assigned. Why should you care? Well, this is because star signs determine our outward personality – the personality we show in the presence of other people – be it our friends, our family, or our lovers. Naturally, they become essential to the discussion of compatibility.

In the case of moon signs, they are determined by the position of the moon along the zodiac. Like star signs, there are 12 zodiac moon signs in total, except the moon visits a new character every 2.5 days. You acquire the moon sign that corresponds to the moon’s position along the zodiac at the time of your birth, and it determines your inward personality traits – traits that are at the core of your being, even when no one is around your true nature. For this reason, you should try to find out what your moon sign is and what it has to say about you.

Personality Traits of Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon Individuals

The GoodThe Bad
Aquarius sun and Cancer moon individuals are the most self-composed individuals you will encounter. They have a lot of self-restraint, so they rarely ever succumb to peer pressure. This means that they can stay their true selves in all sorts of circumstances without feeling the need to adjust their behaviors to “fit into the crowd at all.   Another commendable trait that these people possess is their bullet-proof belief in their abilities. They do not lose hope in the face of their struggle, and they fully believe that they can overcome anything that blocks their life’s path – and, if you’ve had the pleasure to know any such individual, you know that they actually do end up overcoming the struggles that they face in life.These people aren’t flawless. Like many people, sometimes, their greatest strengths backfire and become their most significant weaknesses. For instance, the fact that they refuse to change themselves for anyone sometimes means they can come across as rigid and unwelcoming. This means that people keep a distance from them if they don’t know them on a personal level.   It has also been observed that these people tend to acquire a negative view of life very quickly. They often find themselves gripped by sadness and hopelessness, which means that they can radiate an overwhelming amount of negative energy at times.

Compatibility of Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon Individuals

Now, we will take a look at what kinds of personalities are compatible with people who have Aquarius sun and Cancer moon as their Zodiac signs. We will do this on three main fronts. First, we will see what sort of people are compatible with Aquarius sun and Cancer moon individuals in general. Then, we will see what type of people make good romantic partners for these individuals before finally understanding what Aquarius sun and Cancer moon individuals search for when they seek out friends.

Relationships in General

When establishing any relationship with other people, individuals with Aquarius sun and Cancer moon as their zodiac combinations are people with a profound capacity to love and care for others. They will be there for others – even those that they don’t know really well – and they will make it their duty to ensure that they help them out in their troubles. One thing that does make their relationships with other people suffer, though, is the fact that these people have very unpredictable moods – even the tiniest of things will set their mood off, and they will have a hard time figuring out what exactly is causing them to feel this way. As a result, they will go into self-imposed isolation or risk becoming an unpleasant company to others.

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Love or Romantic Relationships

Aquarius sun and Cancer moon people are excellent romantic partners. They are very well connected with both their rational and emotional sides, which means they can strike a pretty good balance between acting rationally and being emotionally available to their partners. Although, it is essential to mention that sometimes, these two sides come into conflict with each other leading these people to be confused about how to react to a situation. These people seek out partners who show the same level of mental and emotional maturity as them and reject those who are immature on either side of this scale.


Aquarius sun and Cancer moon individuals are sensitive folks. They are kind, caring, and reassuring friends who are also pretty good at resolving conflict. They seek out the same level of emotional maturity from the friendships that they make as well. If someone is immature, untrustworthy, or fake, an Aquarius sun and Cancer moon individual will see right through them and never get close to them. Also, these people need friends who are able to give them constructive feedback without being too harsh because while they do want to improve on themselves constantly, they might go down a spiral of overthinking if they learn that they caused discomfort to someone.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know what kinds of personalities work best with Aquarius sun and Cancer moon zodiac combinations, head back to your everyday life with a better understanding of what kind of people you would get along with. If you don’t have Aquarius sun and Cancer moon as your zodiac combination, guide a friend who might.