Aquarius Moon Leo Sun Personality Traits And Compatibility

The thing is, many people don’t realize that relationships (platonic or otherwise) can fail to be compatible even when both parties have the same or similar set of beliefs, moral values, world views, personalities, socio-economic backgrounds, and tastes in art.

This usually happens either due to external, uncontrollable circumstances or because some other unseen, powerful cosmic forces are at play. Astrologers and those who believe in astrology lay a lot of emphasis on the latter while advising people about their relationship problems.

They believe that the compatibility of two people is determined by many factors and that one of those factors (that is also too often overlooked by most people) is the compatibility of star signs of the two parties in question; relationships are most likely to work out when the two people involved belong to sun and moon signs that are compatible with those of their partner.

If you’re curious about what zodiac combination you’re most compatible with? Don’t worry; we’re here to help. We will share with you everything we know about compatibility among all of the different zodiac combinations. Today, we will specifically talk about what sort of personalities make the best matches for people who have an Aquarius moon sign and a Leo sun sign.

Sun signs & moon signs – What are they?

Before we discuss which sun and moon signs are perfect for each other, it is important that we revisit these terminologies to make sure that everyone gets on the same page.

Sun signs (more commonly known as star signs) are determined by the sun’s position on the zodiac at the time of your birth. There are 12 zodiac positions that the sun takes in a year, and each one usually lasts about a month. Sun signs (or star signs) determine your outward personality traits – the traits you show whilst in the presence of other people, be it your friends, your family, your lover, or even strangers.

On the flip side, Moon signs are determined by the moon’s position on the zodiac at the time of your birth. As with star signs, moon signs also move to different positions along the zodiac, except that the moon changes its position in much quicker cycles (2.5 days).

This results in several combinations of sun and moon signs forming within a single zodiac month. Your moon signs are less dominant than your star signs, but that doesn’t mean that they’re unimportant. Moon signs determine your core personality – what traits you have in the absence of other people – while you are alone and your true, raw self.

Aquarius moon & Leo sun – Personality traits

Now, let’s discuss some of the most prominent personality traits that people with Aquarius moon and Leo sun zodiacs possess.

Good TraitsBad Traits
People of this zodiac sign combination tend to be some of the most interesting people in the room. They always have so much to talk about that almost never fails to capture the fascination and awe of others. These people are also confident, rebellious, and self-validating, which means that they make powerful leaders and are never afraid to pursue their ideas or to share them with other people.  When their confidence and assertiveness get out of hand, these traits turn counterproductive and harmful. Sometimes, these people find themselves being too assertive towards others, causing a lot of resentment to arise. In addition, their confidence can sometimes turn into mild arrogance, which prevents them from learning from others or accepting that sometimes other people can do things better than them. This leads them to diminish the views of others inside their heads and results in them frequently rejecting their propositions.  

Aquarius moon, Leo Sun – Compatibility in Relationships

Relationships (in General)

Here we talk about the kind of personalities that generally agree with Aquarius Moon Leo Sun people in any kind of social relationship (both platonic and non-platonic). The most defining quality of people with this zodiac sign is their confidence and leadership. So, generally, they hold good relations with people who appreciate and admire them. This element of admiration is key to winning the hearts of people with the given zodiac combination.


In friendships, people of this zodiac combination value rebelliousness, originality, determination, ambition, appreciation, and respect. If an individual possesses all of these qualities or some combination of them, they will get along with an Aquarius moon and Leo sun zodiac because these people always want to surround themselves with others who would challenge them to do better and test their own limits.


As we mentioned earlier, these people are rebellious and loaded to the brim with confidence. Their confidence sometimes takes the form of pride and arrogance, which means that at times (not always), they hesitate to be openly affectionate or expressive of their vulnerabilities.

Additionally, this means that sometimes they are also inconsiderate towards their partners. So, anyone who will make a good match for a person like this will have to be very emotionally strong and understanding. People who need constant validation from their partners will likely find it difficult to establish healthy boundaries with an Aquarius moon, Leo Sun zodiac.


It should be kept in mind that complementary star signs aren’t the only condition for a compatible relationship. You still need to make sure your personalities, interests, values, worldviews, and some important beliefs are the same or similar to the person you want to establish a connection with.

Additionally, you should also understand that if your star sign is incompatible with someone you want to start or hold a relationship with, don’t take it as a sign that you can simply no longer do it. Star sign compatibility is only one of the many things that determine compatibility and success in relationships.

So, you should only use the zodiac compatibility as a guide that will make it most likely for you to find the right partner for yourself, but always remember that you can still hold good relationships with people who are not compatible with you in zodiac signs – it might require some extra effort, but it is nevertheless possible.