Angel Number 338 Meaning – Love, Twin Flame, and Career

Has the number 338 been popping up everywhere you look? If so, this article will be worth your time. You might not know this, but encountering the same number repeatedly could be a sign that the higher forces of the cosmos are trying to contact you and tell you something.

Fortunately for you, we are here to help you figure out what your protector angels are trying to tell you, so you don’t have to scratch your head for hours to figure out the wisdom they are sending your way. 

The Numerology of 338

Before we consider the meaning of the number 338, we will break this number down into some of its constituent variations. Here, we will look at the different strands of meaning or messages that these numbers bring to form the collective meaning of the number 338. In addition to this, we will also briefly consider the main theme that underlies all of the different messages behind the number 338. The next section will discuss a comprehensive overview of the different strands of messages that lie within the number 338.

Constituent NumberMeaning/ Message
3The number 3 (once) in angel number 338 signifies ideas and traits like creativity, self-expression, intuition, expansion, development, and optimism. This number is trying to tell you that you have an incredible mind which has the power to think up one of those big ideas that could potentially change the world. However, due to one reason or the other (mostly due to self-doubt and other issues with your self-esteem), you don’t give yourself the credit that you should. The shadow of doubt engulfs you and renders you unable to let yourself work on your natural gifts until you have mastered them to reach your highest potential. This way, your own mind holds itself back and stops you from achieving your goals. When this happens, your original belief in your inability to achieve great things gets reinforced, and the cycle continues. 
8The number 8 is a symbol of balance, abundance (financial), contentment, hope, and philanthropy. This number calls upon its recipient to keep doing good in this world the way they have been in recent times. The number 8 is a cosmic thumbs up from our guardian angels that tells us that they are happy with the way we’ve been carrying ourselves and with the way we’ve worked hard to enlighten our souls. Now that we have achieved this level of spirituality, it is our duty to use our light to guide others along the treacherous path to success as well – especially those people who struggle to fight their own battles in life.
33The number 3 (twice) has a different meaning than the number 3 (once). The number 33 is a powerful representation of ideas like honesty, faith, bravery, and spiritual awakening. This number is drawing your attention to these traits and ideas to encourage you to find these qualities within you. If you don’t find any or all of them in you, this is your angels’ way of reminding you to work on yourself. 
338We analyze the different messages hidden within the number 338 in the next section, but over here, we will look at the major overarching theme that encompasses all of the different messages and symbols represented by the number 338. This theme is of positive abundance – both in terms of worldly success and genuine inner happiness. This number basically tells you that, in many different ways, a lot of positive energy is about to enter your life. So, you best prepare yourself mentally to embrace it. 

The Messages and Meaning embedded within 338

The list of different meanings conveyed by the number 338 is as follows:

  • The number 338 is a sign that your angels are watching over you and supporting you through this dark time. So, it would be best if you stopped being afraid of what lies ahead of you – you’re not alone.
  • It would be best if you worked hard on yourself to hone your talents to the highest degree possible. Doing this will bring you a lot of happiness and self-fulfillment in your life.
  • This number is telling you to follow your passions in life – even if this path will lead you down a riskier road.
  • The number 338 calls upon its recipient to start putting in some more trust in themselves so that they are not held back in life due to their own invisible mental chains.

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Consequences of seeing 338 on:


When we say love, we are referring to all kinds of love in a person’s life – not just the form of love they have with their romantic partner. The number 338 appears in an individual’s life when their most important relationships are undergoing some turbulence. This angel number is your angel’s way of telling you that these problems are arising because of a struggle that is actually going on within you. You haven’t (at least recently) been paying attention to yourself at all. This lack of attention is resulting in you seeking to be loved by others without you learning to love yourself first. When people do this, they tend to become the “door mats” of their relationships (even if the other person doesn’t treat them that way. You need to understand that positive energy like love does not enter a person’s life from external sources – it can only first come from within. In other words, in order to be loved, you have to love and respect yourself first.

Twin Flame

When single people see the number 338, it is usually a sign that they are ready to meet their twin flame, but the reason why they still haven’t is due to the fact that their twin flame is not yet ready to meet them. It is likely that your twin flame is undergoing a major life transition at this point, so your angels think that it would be a bad time for you both to meet. Stay patient during this time, you are bound to cross paths with your twin flame, but it will not (and should not) happen before both of you are ready.

Career/ Finances

As we mentioned earlier, the overarching theme of the number 338 is positive abundance. When you see this number around you, know that it simply means that if you keep working as hard as you do right now, and if you show the courage and determination to stand your ground against the challenges that you face in your life, you will become more successful (career-wise) than you ever would have imagined. Positive abundance in the form of affluence is about to enter your life. It will do so only if you work really hard to ensure that you achieve your goals. If you celebrate too quickly and give up working for what you want, this financial abundance will turn into a financial disaster for you.

The Bottom Line

With this, we come to the end of our discussion on the number 338. Now before you apply what you learned here to your life, remember this one important point: most of the encounters you have with numbers will be ordinary and mundane instances – don’t go around making major life decisions each time you see a number appear in front of you more than once.