7 Color Candle Meaning, Symbolism, and Spiritual Uses

In today’s world, there are different kinds of candles present, all serving their distinctive purpose. However, many people use them for candle magic too. 

While doing candle magic can be an enlightening experience, it is important to have the necessary information about the candles to ensure the ritual presents the expected results. When wondering about the 7-color candle meaning, it is impossible to fixate on one specific meaning. 

Every color in this candle represents a unique interpretation, making them a great choice for offering various attainments. So, what meaning do these candles carry? Let’s find out! 

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Benefits of Burning a 7-Color Candle

Since the seven-color candle infuses the touch of many different candles, using it harbors various benefits for you: 

Cleansing and Purification

Have you fallen victim to conflict with your higher self? Fire up a seven-color candle to attain clarity and establish a stronger bond with your intuition.

These candles have the power to smother negative energies from your surroundings, allowing you to have a clear mindset. 

Finding Love

Whether finding love in your current relationships or starting a relationship right, the seven-color candle is the perfect tool in your arsenal. This candle’s red and pink parts give a wholesome vibe, causing sensations like love and affection to enthrall your horizon. 


Some situations in life can make you feel baffled, without any foresight or plan of what to do next. When faced with such scenarios, burning a seven-color candle can give you the wisdom and intuition to make the right call. 

When Can You Burn The Seven Color Candles? 

The 7-color candle can be an extremely awarding candle to use given their compatibility in many instances. 

One possible instance of burning a seven-color candle is when you’re ready to take a new turn in your life. For example, you have accepted a job offer at someplace. To ensure a happy beginning to this job, you can ablaze a seven-color candle. 

Another case where you could use a seven-color candle is for reconciling with someone close to you. If you and your partner are fighting and finding it hard to let go of your anger, burning a seven-color candle could help. 

What is the Perfect Day for Burning a 7-color Candle? 

Choosing the right day for burning a seven-color candle depends on your purpose and intentions. However, the best practice is to burn only a bit on a specific day. Every color has a special energy tied to the day. 

Based on the color aligning with your intentions, the perfect day for burning a seven-color candle includes the following: 

  1. Red: Tuesday
  2. Orange: Wednesday 
  3. Yellow: Sunday
  4. Green: Friday
  5. Blue: Thursday
  6. Indigo: Saturday 
  7. Violet: Thursday and Saturday

Nevertheless, ensure you have chosen the right color for the right day. Refer to the association explained below to induce high energy in your rituals. 

7 Color Candle – Origins

The origins of the seven candle colors are a perfect mix of our history, and the present merged. 

To further understand the origins, let’s refer to the fact that a 7-color candle represents seven in numerology. The number seven holds mystical significance throughout many ancient civilizations and belief systems. According to numerology, seven represents completeness, perfection, and a harmonic vibe entering your life. 

Fast forward to today, the seven-color candles are seen as highly energetic means for conducting candle magic. Their distinct colors represent unique energy, allowing you to attain various products through the ritual. 

All the energies a different color represents transition their power to your intention and wishes. For example, if you wish for stability, all the energies in the candle will transform to red, making your wishes more powerful. 

Some 7 Color Candle Associations

To make the most out of your rituals, it’s crucial to know every potent detail about the candle you are using. Before you start your rituals with a seven-color candle, take a quick peek at this candle’s association with various beliefs. 




Since a seven-color candle has multiple layers, all of them represent a different chakra: 

  1. Red (Root): Stability and Physical Health
  2. Orange (Sacral): Creativity and Passion 
  3. Yellow (Solar): Self-Confidence and Will Power
  4. Green (Heart): Monetary Success
  5. Blue (Throat): Peace and Calm
  6. Indigo (Eye): Enlightenment
  7. Violet (Crown): Love and Friendship


Much like its chakras, the seven colors share distinct astrology too: 

  1. Red: Mars
  2. Orange: Sun 
  3. Yellow: Mercury
  4. Green: Venus
  5. Blue: Jupiter
  6. Indigo: Uranus
  7. Violet: Pluto


  1. Red: Archangel Michael 
  2. Orange: Archagel Gabriel 
  3. Blue: Archangel Raphael
  4. Yellow: Archangel Uriel 
  5. Green: Archangel Chamuel
  6. Yellow: Archangel Jophiel 
  7. Violet: Archangel Zadkiel 


  1. Violet: Hecate
  2. Indigo: Odin
  3. Blue: Morpheus
  4. Yellow: Athena
  5. Green: Freyja 
  6. Orange: Demeter 
  7. Red: Ares


Since seven color candles are affiliated with various meanings, it’s fit to perform the ritual with them on any weekday. 


As the seven-color candle harbors colors from the various colored candles, it’s compatible with all classical elements. Considering their connection with all elements, these candles give off high energy, ensuring your results are perfect. 


The seven-color candles are renowned for giving the practitioners control. The different colors on them make them compatible with any direction. Regardless of whatever direction you choose, the flames from a seven-color candle will burn bright, allowing you to attain a favorable outcome. 

Where to Buy 7 Color Candles

While these candles are readily available on Amazon and other stores like eBay, it’s always better to fetch them from your local pagan store.

Not only can you get them quicker and cheaper, but a local pagan store will likely cater to your needs better and help you with additional information to make the ritual go smoothly. 

Apart from your local pagan store, you can always search platforms like Pinterest to find sellers advertising their 7 color candles. 

Final Words

The 7-color candles are one of the most useful tools in the magical domain. Considering the candles association with the number seven, these candles are ideal for setting out on the pursuit of wisdom and truth. 

These candles bring good luck and are ideal for various purposes. Whether it be money, a job, or your love life, the 7 color candle has the aura to help you through your troubles. 

We hope the information provided above proves helpful in your ritualistic adventures. May your rituals succeed!