3388 Angel Number Meaning

Have you been feeling very uneasy of late, and you can’t place your finger on exactly what the issue is? Do you feel like you are bee watched, or you are expecting something, but you don’t know what that might be? Coupled with all the uneasiness, have you seen 3388? The 3388 angel number is not just a numerical code but something much more than that. It is a message from your angels.

Funny enough, many people believe in angels but don’t know how they communicate with man. Angels use different methods, and one of the most common methods is by sending them numbers. These numbers have meanings far greater than just their numeric representation. As for 3388, this is one of a multitude of numbers that they use in communicating with the living.

In this post, we want to unearth the hidden meaning of this number. If you have been seeing this number of late, you are about to learn something new that will impact your life moving forward. So please sit back, relax and digest the revelations we are about to unveil to you.

What does 3388 Angel Number mean?

This number is a harbinger of good times to come. The present condition is about to be the past, and you will have very little to do with it. While your present may be in a good or bad place, what we do know by the decoding of this number is that the change will happen regardless of whether you want it or not, regardless of whether you do anything about it or not.

Through 3388, your guardian angels are telling you that the path you have been working on is about to veer off into a whole new path. Furthermore, they will guide you towards the destination that you should follow. This will metamorphose in diverse ways that you will find a hard time explaining.

For Instance, you may have been building a career in a particular field all this while with plans for the future to continue along this path. After a while, you may suddenly find yourself longing for a new career. Or life may force a change you didn’t plan for.

The same may apply to your relationships and commitments to a cause or your people. So if you find yourself outgrowing your current space or relationships, it is nothing to be worried about. Rather than fight it, let life lewd you where it will. Angel number 3388 is a sign of progress and your ongoing development ad a human being.


Evolving changes

As your path begins to unravel before you, the only logical step you can take will be to adjust to your new reality. Remember, the changes will not be forced by you, and you can’t stop them. Do not force yourself into spaces that don’t fit your frame and don’t remain in a place you are no longer needed.

You may get confused at some point about why people you’ve known or worked with for years no longer want you around; it is not your fault, and it has not to do with what you’ve done or haven’t done. It is just life happening to you and them.

Moreover, the process may cause you even greater confusion because you don’t know how it will all end. At a point, you will question your future if you are not already doing so. Your angels are simply telling you through 3388 that nothing lasts forever. However, your present circumstances may be hard to deal with, but you have to go through the storm to get to the island of your dreams.

And when you get there, you will look back at your life and be grateful for the fact that you didn’t give up at the height of the storm. This angelic number is a sign of reassurance that you will prevail. So rather than approach life with pessimism, approach it with hope and courage.

Now, let us break the 3388 angel number into two phases; the past and the future.

The Past

Angel number 3388 says that you tend to loom back to the past with nostalgia. Even those painful times when you had to go through a lot, you had to look back at it with regret. But the more you do this, the worse you will feel. This number is a sign that the pains and trauma you continually feel is self-inflicted. So when a new path unfolds before you, you keep drawing experiences from your past to make sense of it. This is a habit you have to drop as it is ruining your progress and messing up your life.

The solution is to let go of the past so you can exploit the opportunities of the future. The coming of 3388 is a sign that the coming changes will make your life better and happier so look forward, not backward. So let the past go.

The Future

The second phase of angel number 3388 in the future. Despite your current situation, there is a future ahead of you that you ought to look forward to. What was is no longer what is because the future is greater than the past.

Consider all the things you didn’t get in the past as a sign that something better lies in store for you in your future. Life will give you what is best for you because your guardian angels are now in control.

3388 Angel Number Biblical Significance

This number has a strong biblical significance that you should know. The first number in the sequence represents harmony and peace. Biblical authors also choose this number to represent the three patriarchs of the faith who existed before and after the floods, namely Jacob, Abraham, and Isaac. The number is also associated with Christ, the Messiah.

Number 8 is a symbolic representation of new beginnings and the creation of a new story. In  Hebrew tradition, this number comes after the seventh day, indicating the beginning of good times.

So 3 and 8 multiplied, appearing twice in the sequence, reinforces the vibrations of what is to come. Accept changes as they emerge and have faith that all will be well with you and that your future will be secured.