1010 Angel Number Meaning: Your Future is Going to be a Great

Many people have reported seeing Angel number 1010 without knowing the meaning. And the mere fact the number keeps appearing makes it even more mysterious, but what does it really mean? Have you been seeing this number lately? Does it appear to you at odd moments or when you least expect it? Could there be a spiritual meaning to the number? Or is it just a coincidence?

Angel number 1010 is not a coincidence as the number is mysterious. If you keep seeing this number, just know that you were already going through a transformation spiritually and physically without your knowledge. This Angel number is only bringing it to your notice. If you stay positive and you keep the faith, it will lead to success in all aspects of your life. Great change is coming, and this change is heralded by 1010, so don’t be afraid. Now is not the time to run away but to forge ahead with renewed enthusiasm.

Trust yourself

Angel number 1010 is letting you know that you have it within you to achieve anything. Once you set your mind to it, it is achievable. While old patterns and actions may have served their purpose, it is time to let the past go and look to the future because there is something better for you waiting in the wings.

Spiritual meaning of Angel Number 1010

There is a spiritual dimension to this number you should be aware of. But what could it mean? Let us explore possible meanings of the number and why you keep seeing it.

An appeal to your higher self

One reason why you are seeing this number is because the Universe is calling for your attention by appealing to your higher self, your Spirit man. Your life force is been stimulated to wake up because there’s a message for you. You can only recover this message if your Spirit man is awake and receptive to what the Universe is bringing your way.

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New Beginnings

Another reason why you may be seeing this number is because new doors have been opened for you. The Universe is listening to your meditation and thoughts and is bringing you opportunities that you never thought possible. 1010 is flashing before you because help is on the way.

Oneness with God

Number 1 appears twice in the sequence, and 1 and 0 is a combination that signifies oneness with God, the Creator of the Universe. This combination means unity between your higher self and the Spirit of the Most High. The 10  appearing twice reinforces this message.

Your Creator is listening

Your future is going to be a great one because your Creator is listening to your cries. 1010 is a message from God telling you to listen closely to your thoughts because he is already communicating with you.

This number brings along a positive vibration that will alter the course of your life for the better. It will attract only good things to you, not evil.

Something big is coming

The Universe has been calling for your attention for a while now, but you were not taking notice, so it has sent this number to get you to focus and listen. 1010 is a confirmation that angels are around you and willing to guide you on your path to greatness. All you have to do is ask for their help. These angels have something very important to tell you, and they can only do so if you are focused. Some analysts even believe that when you see 10:10 on your watch, something miraculous is about to happen in your life, so wait for it.


1010 is also a number of inspiration and illumination. As the path before you is lighted, it brings about new opportunities that you never thought possible. And these opportunities will bring about positive changes in your life. In the sequence, 101 is a number of spiritual consciousness, so from now on, start taking responsibility for your life.


Another message of 1010 is abundance. If you keep seeing this number, just know that you will start enjoying an increase in good things. Abundance will become your new reality

A message about your love life

1010 is telling you that your love life will be fine and all your plans and desires will be met. If you see this number at a time when you feel alone and dejected, this message is a lot stronger. Your guardian angels will send you a lover who will wipe away your tears and give your life meaning.

But you have to play your own path to make this some you have to open up your heart to love again, and you have to be willing to allow yourself to be loved by another person as well. In matters of love, it takes two to tangle, so you must make yourself available.

Start by thinking positive thoughts and tell yourself that you are worthy of being someone’s love interest. Create the reality you want in your head and change your negative thoughts into positive ones. The Universe is sending someone your water, so be expectant.

When your match appears, you will know, and they will bring fulfillment into your life.1010 is a pair of two 10s that signifies a perfect match. You are one half of the pair, and the other half is on the way. The Universe will bring the both of you together, and everything will work just fine.

Angel number 1010 is not a number to be afraid of but one to rejoice over. Your Creator has heard your cries and is sending you vibrations to aid your growth. Now is the time to take charge and accept the new opportunities coming your way. Do this, and your life will make more sense than ever before.